7 Steps to Take Sexy Photos For Your Man

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This article will show you seven steps to take sexy photos for your man. It is not so difficult and you just need to follow the following seven steps to make it. Taking sexy photos for the man in your life is a fantastic way to turn up the heat. Men are visual creatures and there is little they love more than photographs of women looking gorgeous. Many women are afraid to do this for their man because of shyness, body consciousness, and etc. But you don't need to worry. Anyone can take a sexy photo. It's all about showcasing your good physical features, and down playing your flaws. And you are in total control. You don't have to be totally exposed in your photos for your man to still appreciate them. So get a trusted girlfriend, a camera, and some sexy outfits and get ready to make your man crazy about you tonight!

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Instructions of 7 Steps to Take Sexy Photos For Your Man

7 Steps to Take Sexy Photos For Your Man - t-shirt girl

Step 1. Your man is just dying to have sexy photos of you, trust me. It fulfills this fantasy for men that they are dating a centerfold; that they are the lucky guy who is with the hot model. Now I know you're thinking "but I don't look like a hot model". But that's where you are wrong; if he is with you, especially if he is sleeping with you, he already thinks of you as sexy. You have to get over how you see yourself, and just trust that he sees you as amazing. One way to ease your fears is covering up things that you hate about yourself. For instance, if you absolutely hate your tummy and there is no way you can get over that, then just cover it up. Wear a skimpy dress, a corset or his button up shirt (and nothing else). You don't have to be completely naked. I got brave enough to post one of my "dressed up" pics for you girls as an example. I hate my tummy. I've had two kids and there is no way in hell I'd be able to feel sexy with my tummy being photographed. So I put on a mini dress and a corset. Problem solved!

Step 2. The next thing to do is to play up your good features. If you've got a large chest, let your girls be the center of attention. If you have a skinny little tummy, make sure you are baring your mid-drift. For me, I've always liked my legs. They're really long and that's why I chose a mini dress and sexy heels. This way, when he looks at the picture his eyes are drawn to my legs...and away from my tummy! So pick your best physical feature and let it be the center of attention in your photo.

Step 3. Make up is extremely important when taking a sexy photo. You're not trying to look like the sweet and pretty girl he's in love with. You're goal is to let him see the bombshell side of you. I'm not saying you have to wear a ton of makeup if that's not what you are used to doing, but by all means put on some mascara or a little bit of color on your lips. The more you can expose of your inner pin-up, the better!!!

7 Steps to Take Sexy Photos For Your Man - pretty girl

Step 4. Angle is EVERYTHING. Have your girlfriend take dozens of pictures of you at different angles and in different poses. Try lying stretched out on the couch, standing up, bending over, looking over your shoulder or sitting with your legs crossed. You never know which angle is going to flatter your figure the most, so try them all.

Step 5. Whatever you do, do not let the background ruin your photo. You're trying to take his mind away from the "everyday" and into a steamy fantasy. Nothing will break that fantasy more than a baby bottle or child's toy in the picture!

Step 6. Now, here comes the fun part. So you've got your sexy pictures, you've picked out the one you like the best; how do you give it to him? The timing has got to be right, ladies. In my experience, it's best to let him "find" it while you're not with him. For instance, slip it in his briefcase before he leaves for work in the morning. Attach a little sticky note saying "Want to see more?" on your photo. It will have his mind on you and in the gutter all day long. By the time he gets home he would have had eight agonizing hours of wanting to be with you, and his desire will be through the roof.

Step 7. The last step is to enjoy the attention. You may very well have the best sex of your life after this. He will treat you like the hottest woman on earth. And he'll have that picture to go back to whenever he has a racy thought about you.

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